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What Do I Expect During My Free Case Evaluation?

What Do I Expect During M…

 If you have been injured through a car accident, slip and fall or your surgery backfired due to negligence, you will contemplate on getting damages. Such damages are only obtained through an insurance negotiation, or through a lawsuit. In such situations, many victims need legal representation to understand their legal process.

  For this to happen, you need a lawyer to have a free case review and determine whether your case is valid. Therefore, free case evaluation needs the best law firms in Alaska to help you understand whether you have a valid claim and the legal process thereon.

 Your Free Case Evaluation

 Almost all personal injury cases start with a free case review. The claimant selects the best lawyer whom they think can offer a top-notch legal representation. Most claimants ask why lawyers don’t charge for their initial consultations. The reasons are below:

  • It gives a lawyer a chance to learn about your accident and rule out whether the case is valid.
  • The lawyer explains to the claimant their case validity and whether they can offer legal representation.

 Why most personal injury lawyers conduct such evaluations is because they're concerned with the wellbeing of the claimant and want to help them get justice where negligence is involved. However, they don’t offer these services for free. More to this, if they conduct a free case evaluation and learn that your case is invalid; they normally step down to accepting any representation agreement.

  During Your Free Case Review

When a lawyer conducts your case evaluation, there are a few things you should consider. First, this is the time to learn how the lawyer will represent you and whether you can understand each other. For instance, you do want that lawyer who will not listen to your concerns or make up their minds to negotiate and not go to trial when your case demands so. Also, you learn how much they may charge for the services accorded.

 During the review, it's always vital to come prepared with your case details. This will ensure a thorough investigation as your lawyer will want to learn:

  • When the accident happened for purposes of the statute of limitations.
  • Who led to your accident to establish negligence.
  • Whether you suffered injuries after the accident to get the cost of treatment.
  • Whether you have an insurance policy.
  • Whether you sought medical treatment immediately after the accident.

 Your lawyer will be concerned with a lot of information that requires you to cooperate to ensure the success of your evaluation.

 During your free case consultation, you get to learn the evidence needed for a successful case and an estimate of how much your case may fetch if it wins.

 If you have been injured and believe such was due to negligence, you can choose a seasoned lawyer to have a free case review.  Note that attending a free case consultation doesn’t push you to accept legal representation. There is no legal obligation that the lawyer will handle your case after the consultation.


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