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7 Types of Compensation Y…

7 Types of Compensation You Can Claim After An Accident

Have you sustained injuries in an accident due to the fault of another person? To get compensation for the injuries you have sustained, you need to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer. Have you thought what type of damages you can seek comp… Read More
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Accident in Anchorage

Wrongful Death Claims: Meaning and Plaintiffs

‘There are two things that are certain in life, that is death and taxes’, this is a common phrase used that gives certainty to two elements while others may happen by chance. Death is a common part of life. However, while death in itself is inevi… Read More
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Wrongful Death Claims: De…

Wrongful Death Claims: Defendants and Immunity

When someone’s death is the legal fault of someone else, a person or entity, the way to seek legal recourse would be to file a wrongful death claim. This article will discuss who can be sued in a wrongful death claim and available immunity from wro… Read More
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Medical Malpractice Claim

Dangerous Drugs and the Elderly

Patients of an advanced age that receive prescription treatment from a physician may have increased risk of falls and injury. Generally, older people have difficulty coordinating their movements from one place to the other especially if great distanc… Read More
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The One Bite Rule

The One Bite Rule

Generally, animal attacks are common in areas where there are forests and family home developments. While this may be the case many of the dogs found in such areas are carefully managed by their owners. However, there are instances that exist when do… Read More
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Medical Malpractice - Pro…

Medical Malpractice - Proving Negligence

Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical providers owe patients a greater degree of care than one person over another. This is because they are entrusted with the medical treatment of individuals, so when a nursing home or hospital is negligent the… Read More
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Defective Products: Hover…

Defective Products: Hoverboards

Product defects happen in something as simple as a toy to something as large as a hoverboard. When your injury is caused by a product defect in a hoverboard the owner may need to contact, consult with and hire a lawyer well versed in product defect c… Read More
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Prosecuting Your Personal Injury Claim In Alaska

Segways and Personal Injury Claims

A Segway is a two wheeled vehicle that is powered by electricity. The rider of a Segway needs to balance on the device and can ride up to approximately 12.5 miles per hour. The Segway has similar characteristics to motor vehicles, bikes and pedestria… Read More
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4 Major Reasons For Hirin…

4 Major Reasons For Hiring A Professional Lawyer

Are you planning to hire a lawyer for a car accident-related case? There are numerous benefits of hiring a car accident attorney in Wasilla. To handle an accident-related situation, there are many things you need to look into like reviewing medical c… Read More
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