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Alaska Attorneys for Life Insurance Denial

Life insurance is a meant to provide families with the financial support they need after the loss of a loved one. But because insurance companies lose money and lower profits when they pay out claims, they sometimes delay or deny valid claims. Their delays may leave you wondering how you're going to pay your mortgage and other expenses. If your claim has been wrongfully denied, Crowson Law Group can help.

Our Alaska life insurance denial lawyers are familiar the tactics insurance companies use. And we know how to take on the insurance company, making them account for their delays and dishonest practices, and making sure that you get the full amount you deserve. Our warm and friendly staff will help you feel comfortable and secure throughout the process — not frustrated and unsure of how to support your family after losing your loved one.

If you feel that an insurance company has unfairly or unjustifiably denied your claim for life insurance benefits, Crowson Law Group is here for you. Our lawyers will review the insurance contract and circumstances and advise you and your family of your options. With offices in Anchorage and Wasilla, we proudly serve all of Alaska. We invite you to call or contact us online to schedule a free, confidential consultation to get your questions answered.

Top Five Reasons for Life Insurance Denial

There are a number of different reasons that an insurance company may deny a claim. The five most common reasons are:

Material Misrepresentations on the Policy

False or incomplete information on the application form and contract can lead to a life insurance claim denial, even if that information had nothing to do with the cause of death.

Issues Relating to Beneficiary Designation

Insurance companies may deny a claim on the basis of an issue relating to beneficiary designation. Examples of beneficiary issues that can result in an insurance company claim denial include:

  • death before naming a beneficiary
  • failure to update a policy after a major life change, such as marriage, divorce, or birth of a child
  • naming beneficiaries too vaguely, such as saying “children” or “relatives"
  • naming a minor as primary beneficiary
  • failure to name any secondary beneficiaries

Employer Fails to Submit a Waiver of Premium

Many employers provide group life insurance policies for their employees. These policies often require the employer to submit various paperwork, such as a waiver of premium. If the employer fails to submit the necessary documents, the employee may not be covered and not even know it. The employer may also provide incorrect or inadequate information about the insurance policy, resulting in a denial of benefits after the employee’s death.

Lapse in Policy

Life insurance policies are only active while premiums are paid on time and in full. Even when a claim should rightly be paid, insurance companies often use nonpayment or policy lapse as an excuse to deny benefits.

Policy Exclusions

Life insurance contracts contain exclusions that describe situations in which no benefits will be paid. Death due to suicide, war, riot, civil unrest, dangerous hobbies, and other causes may be written into the contract as exclusions to the policy. The wording of these exclusions is often ambiguous and vague to allow insurance companies to deny a broader range of claims.

Free, Confidential Consultation with an Alaska Attorney about Denial of Your Life Insurance Claim

When your life insurance claim has been denied, it may be hard to know what action to take or how to move forward. The attorneys at Crowson Law Group will listen thoughtfully and compassionately, and discuss what options you and your family have for proceeding. We know about life insurance denial claims. Our strong working knowledge of the law can help you contest your claim efficiently and effectively.

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