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Resources to Find Doctor or Hospital Complaints

Resources to Find Doctor…

For many decades we have been taught to trust professionals especially those who are in the fields of expertise we may never fully comprehend. This has long been the case when it comes to the medical field. For many decades, people have never questioned their doctor’s actions even if they take a dangerous turn. However, with the rise in medical malpractice and negligence legal action, making a choice of a doctor or hospital is an extremely important decision that requires as much information as possible. This article will discuss resources to find complaints that have been filed against a doctor or a hospital.

According to My Medical Score [Medical Error Statistics [2020]: Deaths/Year & Malpractice Rates (mymedicalscore.com)] about “12 million Americans are misdiagnosed each year and an estimated 250,000 deaths are recorded as a result of medical errors annually in the United States, surgical errors annually are a little over 4,000 and it is estimated that 7000 to 9000 patients die every year as a result of medication errors”. These statistics are shocking and scary for anyone wants to seek medical treatment or some form of surgery. Medical malpractice or negligence can be resolved by seeking legal advice and representation by a medical malpractice lawyer in Anchorage.

With the shocking statistics provided above it is no doubt any potential patient would want to arm themselves with the adequate information with regards to medical professionals and healthcare facilities. So before you pick a physician or healthcare provider it is important to take the time to do some research as to any formal complaints that may have been laid against the doctor or the healthcare facility you wish to use. Take note of some resources that are at your disposal to do research in respect of formal complaints against medical professionals and/or hospitals:

  • DocInfo - this is a database that has been compiled by the Federation of State Medical Boards providing background data in respect of about a million licensed doctors in the United States. The data includes information with regards to any disciplinary action that has been taken against the medical professional.
  • State medical boards - every state has a requirement for physicians to be licensed and it is these medical state boards that handle disciplinary issues. The board may act on suspending a doctor’s license or permanently revoking the doctor’s license. The majority of these state licensing boards have their own websites that are accessible for free to the public in order to determine if any disciplinary action has been taken against a specific doctor. If the state you live in does not have a website you can search on, you can easily contact the state licensing board to enquire.
  • State Department of Health Services - if you would like to know about a reputation of a hospital then the state’s Department of Health Services is the best place to start your investigation with regards to any formal complaints that have been laid against the health care facility. Most complaints would be with regards to improper care or unsafe conditions. Such issues are important when deciding which hospital to be treated at. 
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