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Attorneys In Anchorage for your Personal Injury Claims

Attorneys In Anchorage for your Personal Injury Claims

Some attorneys work on business deals.  Some attorneys work in residential real estate.  Some attorneys work in commercial real estate.  Some attorneys practice criminal law.  Some attorneys deal with intellectual property issues such as patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Some attorneys teach law school.  Some attorneys become judges.  Some attorneys work on matrimonial and other family law matters.  If you suffer personal injuries due to the negligence of another person or entity, none of these will help you.  Instead, you need the services of Anchorage Attorneys well-versed in personal injury law.

While many think that lawyers can do anything within the legal field, such “jack-of-all-trade” practitioners are usually not good at any of their areas of practice.  This is because, like doctors, there are so many specialties that require knowledge specific to that area.  Would you want a dermatologist operating on your heart?  Nor should you want an attorney that handles house closings prosecuting your auto accident claims for sever personal injuries.

Anchorage Attorneys you select to prosecute your personal injury claim should know that you must first prove that the other party did something wrong.  In most automobile cases, it is the burden of the plaintiff (or the person bringing the lawsuit) to prove that the defendant (or the person being sued) did not act in such a way as a normal person in the same circumstance should have acted.  For example, if the offending driver was on her cell phone, she was likely negligent and at fault for your injuries.  If a man was staring at the new sports arena being built rather than on the road, he is likely negligence and at fault for your injuries.

Quality Anchorage Attorneys know that, unlike a breach of contract case where an award given to a plaintiff is based on the actual monies lost by the plaintiff, personal injury awards can be based on (a) medical, hospital and pharmacy bills, (b) pain and suffering, (c) property damage and more, requiring different strategies in each type of case for achieving the highest payment possible.

Results in personal injury cases also differ from a criminal case.  For example, the parties in a criminal case are the government and a defendant, whereas in a civil case such as one seeking damages for personal injuries, the parties are usually individuals or businesses.  And whereas a criminal case will result in some sort of penalty (such as prison, fines, probation or the like), the result in a civil case is almost always some sort of financial award.

Also, the players in each type of case are different.  Most courts have judges specifically assigned to certain types of cases.  Most commonly, a judge that hears criminal cases will not hear personal injury cases.  As such, it is important for an attorney to know what personality he is dealing with on the bench, as well as the likes and dislikes of court staff and adversarial attorneys.  This comes with experience that can only be achieved by focusing on one particular area of practice.

As you can see, just like other professions in the world, the best attorneys have specialties.  Staying within one specialty gives an attorney the best chance to become well-versed in the laws, rules and regulations involved in that specific area of practice.  When you start delving into two or more areas, there will simply be too much to know about the relevant law, procedures, time deadlines, personalities of other players, format requirements, and more.  So when you are looking for the best attorneys to advocate for you on your personal injury claim, be sure they are dedicated to this area of practice.