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Who Are Personal Injury and Insurance Adjusters?

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After being involved in an accident the victim usually gets to deal with an insurance agency. The insurance agency sends an insurance adjuster to interview the injured person and gather all the facts and details surrounding the incident in order to determine how much compensation must be provided that is sufficient in order to avoid litigation if possible.

It is important to note that most articles that discuss issues relating to insurance agencies, insurance adjusters and personal injury cases; constantly use the following phrase: “insurance adjusters are not friends or on the side of the victim”. With how often this phrase occurs in articles relating to insurance adjusters and personal injury cases it is important to take note of it. The fact of the matter is insurance adjusters are attached to the case in order to ensure that the most money allocated to the individual of the incident is just enough to avoid a lawsuit. However, with some insurance companies they are not bothered about a lawsuit and only provide a specific amount of money no matter what the circumstances surrounding the accident were. As a result it is important to know what to look for and how to move forward in order to ensure sufficient funds are received in such situations.

The Cornell Law School Information Institute defines an adjuster as “a representative of insurance company who handles claims; both negotiation and settlement.” As a part of their job, insurance adjusters investigate facts and gather details with regards to the incident. The adjuster interviews victims to understand the view point of the person driving the vehicle that was hit. However, to ensure that payouts are as low as possible insurance adjusters determine an amount that is just enough to cover what is considered for the accident with all factors included. According to one article doing this “ensures a high profit for the insurance company and often the settlements are accepted because the victims are not aware that there are additional options available.” Despite such low offers being given, insurance adjusters are motivated to avoid litigation with civil lawsuits.

It is important to note that the insurance company that is attached to the incident in most cases is the agency of the driver responsible for the accident. This basically means that the insurance company has an added incentive to ensure that less money is paid to the victim. In many cases there is only so much that may be allocated based on the policy; which means that once the maximum amount has been determined as the payout amount no further funds may be obtained by the victim. However, there may be additional factors involved in such cases and this is why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney in Anchorage Ak for compensation claims; as these professionals understand how to work these cases and what to do to proceed.

Because a judge or jury panel determine if additional monies should be provided the insurance agency attempts to avoid litigation by all means possible. Legal fees and other financial obligations become expensive for the insurance company. As a result negotiating is an option on the table.