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It’s Not Just About Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Personal injury covers many different types of incidents, from auto accidents to slip and falls, trip and falls, motorcycle accidents, and aircraft accidents. With more than 2,300 attorneys in Alaska, many will say they can handle your personal injury claim, but when it comes to aircraft accidents, it is far more specialized and requires far more knowledge.

Indeed, Alaska Aircraft Accidents may involve airplanes, helicopters and other more rare means of air travel, such as blimps. For this discussion, we will focus on the more common airplane accident.

The negative to such incidents is that they often result in severe injuries, including death. The positive is that aircraft lawsuits can have many more defendants (and therefore possible sources of payments) than your typical automobile accident or slip and fall. For example, an aircraft accident may be caused by pilot error. But it may also be caused by the manufacturer of the plane that built a faulty machine. It may be caused by the maintenance company that missed a problem that should have been repaired or caused the plane to be grounded. It may be the owner of the plane that was aware of issues but chose to risk permitting flight anyway. It may be the fault of the airport itself, for conditions that led to the incident.

When you have more “pockets” to receive payment from, there are several benefits. The primary benefit is that settlement is more achievable and usually attained more quickly. When there are more persons and entities willing to contribute toward a settlement, it will be easier to create an offer sufficient to satisfy the victim or victim’s family.

In addition, as claims for severe injuries and wrongful death often yield high jury verdicts, many defendants are not willing to risk a jury trial. A trial may also result in a verdict where one or more of the defendants are not liable, placing a larger price tag on what the remaining defendants are liable for. This is another reason settlement is more easily obtainable in such an accident.

Where attorney specialization comes in is how to prove that the defendants were liable. Quality attorneys for aircraft accidents know to question experts as to the mechanism on the plane that was defective, or the other causes of the incident, so that a judge and juror—usually with no such experience—can understand.

For these reasons, it is vitally important to retain experienced attorney to handle your aircraft accident in Alaska. There is simply no way to go it alone, as there are too many specifics, rules and regulations to know to properly prosecute such a claim. This is why there are quality attorneys out there that can help you obtain the maximum payout possible.