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Getting the Best Advice for Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury

There is no shortage of lawyers in Alaska who would like to earn a fee by helping with your personal injury case. The trick is to find the one who will maximize what you get in YOUR pocket. Before you decide who to use, you should seek Accident Claims Advice from a few different attorneys and see who makes you feel the most comfortable.

To do so, you should initially seek attorneys through personal referrals and online searches that are able to give you Accident Claims Advice.

Next, pare down the list of potential representatives by finding as much information as you can about each attorney such as (a) years of experience, (b) success rate in prior decisions and settlements, (c) associations and affiliations they belong to and (iv) reputation among other attorneys and members of the legal community.

When your list is down to a few, schedule meetings. Accident Claims Advice is typically free for that first consultation. While attending this free meeting, consider how the attorney presents herself and how effective she would be in front of a judge, jury and other attorneys. Are you comfortable? Will this lawyer respond to you?

Before making a final decision, consider how the lawyer will be compensated. While most plaintiff’s personal injury cases are done on a “contingency fee” basis, where the attorney earns a percentage of any monies you recover, it is important to find out what costs (such as witness fees, expert fees, copying, postage, court fees and others) will be deducted from any amount you recover in addition to this contingency fee. This is important to help you make an informed decision about who to retain and whether or not to settle or go to trial.

When you make the final decision, you must sign a clearly defined retainer agreement that specifies (a the duties and responsibilities of both lawyer and client, (b) all monetary matters and (c) other material matters between the two.

Although it is always an option to let your attorney and retain another, this will likely cause delays in resolving your case and the previous lawyer may still be entitled to be reimbursed for costs and expenses he incurred before you dismissed him. For this reason, it is important to put significant effort into making your decision at the outset.

At the end of the day, there is no decision more important that selecting the right attorney to prosecute your personal injury claim. The decision-making process is greatly helped by determining how comfortable you feel when obtaining advice on accident claims from this advocate. Use the many resources at your disposal to be thorough and make an informed decision.

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