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Personal Injury Claims: Doctors


Injuries that a person suffers in a personal injury case are unique by nature. It is not uncommon for two individuals who are involved in the same accident and even in the same vehicle to suffer extremely different injuries. In addition to suffering different injuries the individuals heal at a different rates. In personal injury cases having a doctor to testify about a victim’s injuries with solid records can help to make a personal injury claim while failure to having such could break the case.

One of the most critical pieces of information as evidence to a personal injury case is the treatment and records associated with the accident. Such records establish a link between the accident and the injuries that the victim suffered. It is important to note that the treating doctors have much more credibility then a hired medical expert who may be perceived at times by judges and juries as being invested monetarily to provide the opinion that they have or are being paid for.

Where a personal injury victim does not seek medical treatment immediately after the accident or does so after receiving advice from a lawyer, it is likely that the jury may find it difficult to link the accident and injuries together. It is in situations like this that the defense may attempt to argue that the victim had a pre-existing injury and this was the cause for them to seek medical attention.

After a victim receives the initial treatment after the accident, the victim in most cases continues treatment for a specific period of time. In some cases the victim may have to undergo rehabilitation treatment. In all this it is necessary for the personal injury victims to ensure that they strictly follow the doctor’s orders with regards to follow up treatment as well as any instructions regarding how long to wait for them to return to work or to participate in recreational activities. Their failure to do so can raise issues that the victim was not as injured as he or she claims to have been as they failed to take the necessary steps in order to recover from their injuries.

In a personal injury case medical records are usually a key piece of evidence. Therefore, it is important that the medical records contain thorough information with regards to the victim’s accident, injuries and treatment. It is necessary for the records to indicate that the patient commenced treatment after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. By stating this it clearly establishes the link between the accident and the injuries that will thereafter be recorded in the records. Such a link can also help the victim’s claim for settlement with the insurance company.

It is important to note that some doctors develop reputations of being associated with personal injury cases and certain personal injury law firms. As a result their records and testimony may not be deemed credible. It can also appear that a law firm orchestrated a personal injury case. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best accident lawyers in Anchorage Alaska to handle your personal injury case.

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