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Prosecuting a Lawsuit In Anchorage

Prosecuting a Lawsuit In…

Lawyers In Anchorage are plenty. Some are quality while other are not. Some can handle all different types of claims, from business issues to other contractual disputes. But if you are injured in a car accident, slip-and-fall, trip-and-fall, medical malpractice, defamation, products liability or other “negligence” type claim, you must find an attorney with expertise in such types of cases. There is no “jack of all trades” in the law. Instead, the better attorneys are specialized.

There is a lot to know in a personal injury type claim, and that knowledge starts at the beginning. When you first meet prospective Lawyers In Anchorage for your personal injury or “negligence” claim, the questions they first ask may be indicative of their level of expertise.

For example, the first step in a personal injury case is to gather as much information as possible. They should ask for a detailed description of how your car accident happened—what street? Where were you traveling from? Where were you heading? Was the radio on? When did you first see the other car? How fast were you going? Were there any traffic signals? Did you call the police? Was there a police report issued? Did the other driver (or anyone else at the scene) make any comments?

As it pertains to your injuries, the attorney should ask questions such as “did you go to the hospital?” Did you go by ambulance? What parts of your body hurt upon impact? What hurt at the hospital? What hurt afterwards? How long were you in the hospital? How long were you confined to your bed? How long were you out of work? What treatment did you receive? What doctors did you see?

Next, even before you can start your case, your lawyer should request all documents available, from police reports, other accident reports, medical records, therapy records, pharmacy records, weather reports, and so on. Only when the story is complete is an attorney able to put together the complaint and actually commence the case.

Lawyers In Anchorage know that there are many factors involved in prosecuting a personal injury case, which is why gathering all the facts early on is so important. And this does not even contemplate time deadlines, the legal process, what must be proven, and more. As a result, trying to do this without the aid of a lawyer is dangerous, and is likely to result in a significantly reduced award, or even none at all, no matter how strong your case may have been. For this reason, make sure you hire a qualified attorney to work with you to achieve the payout you deserve.

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