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What Insurance Adjusters Do Not Reveal to Clients

What Insurance Adjusters…

All you’re interested in is after an accident is to be compensated for your injuries–but that might not be the incentive of the adjuster handling your case. Insurance companies and adjusters can complicate an injury claim just to protect their bottom lines and that’s why people hire an attorney in Anchorage when engaging insurance adjusters or companies.

Understanding the claim’s settlement process and how insurance adjusters or companies operate will help you make informed decisions and increase the chances of success when filing an injury claim through an insurance company. The attorney in Anchorage offers a free consultation to evaluate the facts of injury cases and help victims of such accidents get the justice they deserve.

What Insurance Adjusters Do Not Reveal

  1. Desire to Settle a Claim

Insurance adjusters are known to have a don’t-care attitude but it’s just pretending–they care and it’s their desire is to have your claim settled. The truth is that the insurance company understands litigation can be costly and they’d rather resolve the matter out of court. Understanding that settlement is in the best interest of insurance companies should give you the confidence to weigh your options without being harassed in the negotiation process.

  1. Insurance Companies/ Adjusters Must Act in Good Faith

The law requires insurance adjusters to act in good faith when transacting business, including settlement negotiations. Acting in good faith can include:

  • Justifying their offers during the settlement process;
  • Evidence should not be tampered with;
  • Revealing all information to claimants;
  • Maintaining communication with clients;
  • Acting on clients’ claims within a reasonable time.

You can bring a claim against an insurance adjuster or company that acts in bad faith. Understanding that insurance adjustors are expected to act in good faith gives you confidence and bargaining power.

  1. Insurance Adjusters May Be Recording Your Statements

Insurance adjusters can do anything that can help reduce the value of your settlement claim–including recording your statements. Consequently, it’s important not to say anything that could be self-incriminating although the best way to avoid such situations is by involving your lawyer when engaging insurance companies or talking to insurance adjusters.

Settling a claim through an insurance company can be frustrating because the process is typically tedious. However, understanding what the settlement process entails and knowing the common pitfalls is worth it in the long run. You should schedule a free consultation with a lawyer if you’re considering filing a claim with an insurance company. The advice of a reliable accident attorney can be invaluable because it will eventually impact your final settlement.

Benefits of an Attorney

Legal Knowledge

Legal professionals understand legal processes and court procedures you might be ignorant of, including court protocol, common pitfalls, and more.


Lawyers deal with similar situations (cases) every day. Most likely, your lawyer has previously encountered a legal situation like yours.

Research shows that people who hire legal services have a higher chance of success than people who are not legally represented. So, it’s important to consult a legal expert when filing a claim through an insurance company.