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Do You Need a Lawyer for your Asbestos Claim?

Do You Need a Lawyer for…

Many minor personal injury claims that arise from incidents are resolvable by the plaintiff in their personal capacity. This is not uncommon, especially in personal injury claims relating to car accidents. However, when it comes to asbestos lawsuits, such claims require expert assistance as they are associated with complex legal procedures and stem from years of exposure to products containing asbestos. This article will discuss the benefits of having an attorney represent you in your asbestos-mesothelioma lawsuit.

It is important to note that having an attorney with you throughout your asbestos lawsuit is necessary. Especially so if you, the plaintiff, are suffering from deteriorating health due to an asbestos-related illness. Your asbestos attorney can provide priceless assistance to win your case successfully. Some of the benefits that come to the table with an asbestos attorney include the following:

  • Understanding exposure experience - attorneys can collect and put together different documents that may be impossible or expensive for you to do independently.
    • identify types of asbestos products that you were likely exposed to just by investigating your work history
    • provide information on the various types of asbestos used at specific job sites
  • Retain expert witnesses - an attorney can retain the services of an expert witness to establish specific elements in your asbestos case. For example, an industrial hygienistcan ascertain that a particular product contains asbestos or how you worked exposed you to asbestos. The attorney can find and hire the appropriate expert witness to benefit your case.
  • Building up medical evidence - the onus is on the plaintiff to provide proof that an injury took place and that such an injury was caused by the defendant. In respect of an asbestosis diagnosis, proof of such an illness can be made by way of x-rays or CT scans. In the case of mesothelioma, it is likely that a biopsy will need to be done. Thus, an asbestos attorney is able to get medical experts who review medical records and various reports to establish that your disease was indeed caused by exposure to asbestos. These medical experts prepare relevant reports about your condition and provide testimony in depositions or at trial. The asbestos attorney is then able to establish the causationelement of your case.
  • Asbestos bankruptcy trusts - asbestos is hazardous right from the point of removal from the ground; thus, liability for asbestos-related disease can extend to asbestos mining companies as well as distributors of raw asbestos fibers. Many of the major miners, manufacturers and suppliers of products containing asbestos have gone bankrupt. However, asbestos bankruptcy trusts have been set up to provide compensation for victims. To be eligible for receipt of such funds,medical and exposure evidence is required. As such, your attorney will ensure that your bankruptcy claim is prepared properly and gets the right attention.

For legal advice and representation in asbestos personal injury lawyer Reading, seek out a law firm of experienced, professional attorneys.

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