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Medical Malpractice: Medical Record Errors


Medical malpractice claims can be as a result of even the most insignificant error in a medical record. It is possible for such a small error to lead to severe injury or death depending on what the record is for and how it will be used later. Generally, a medical malpractice claim happens because of a breach in the duty of care to the patient or some form of negligence. This article will look at how errors in medical records can lead to the breach of the duty of care, negligence as well as serious injury.

According to the John Hopkins University School of Medicine [https://hub.jhu.edu/2016/05/03/medical-errors-third-leading-cause-of-death/] and researchers working for the organization, it is noted that one-third of all deaths throughout the country in the United States as a result of a medical error. Every year the country sees about 250,000 deaths of patients because of such errors; be it minor, moderate or severe. In most cases wrong diagnosis will cause harm to a patient, but a simple medical record error could cause a worsening of an illness, additional injury or death. However, it must be noted that some of these errors are no longer as significant due to the use of portable electronic devices.

If the hospital staff make an error in the medical records regarding medication this could lead to an incorrect drug or dosage being administered to a patient. The wrong medication could result in the death of that person. Other errors in dosage could cause seizures, internal damage and long-term or permanent injuries. These errors normally lead to a malpractice suit against the facility or specific medical professional. The medical malpractice attorney Anchorage Ak  will gather all evidence and may have the injured person seek the medical advice and help of another doctor from a different facility.

Medical record errors usually lead to some form of medical malpractice if there is negligence or a breach in the duty of care involved. Negligence is often standard in medical errors where the patient suffers injury. An incorrect, unnecessary or detrimental treatment option or surgery could shorten the life of a patient or cause greater harm. This could precede a lawsuit with strong evidence to back the claim against the hospital rather than a single professional.

If the medical error leads to a misdiagnosis, the wrong treatment or incorrect medication or dosages, the injuries are often severe. Lack of the necessary procedure or the wrong surgery can cause severe damage to the patient or even lead to their death because something vital was missed or performed incorrectly. If there are additional issues such as negligence in the treatment or a breach of the duty of care this can increase the harm sustained by the individual. Any issues that arise may require a lawsuit to recover both financially and to ensure the correct treatment occurs no matter what it is or how much it costs.

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