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What to do if you are Hurt Around Anchorage


We live in or near Anchorage because it is a beautiful, clean city with wonderful residents. But that does not mean it is perfect, nor are its people. Sometimes even Alaskans fail to exercise the proper degree of care, making it dangerous for others. And because of this danger, people suffer personal injuries. And when people suffer personal injuries due to the negligence of others, Anchorage Law Firms are available to help them recover compensation for their injuries.

So what are some examples of “personal injuries” that could result in compensation for an injured party?

Of course, there is the car accident victim. For example, Charlie is driving down the road, obeying traffic signals and maintaining a safe level of speed. Suddenly, he is broadsided by Cheryl, who was driving 90 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour speed zone, and who ran through a stop sign. Charlie suffers broken bones and spends three days in the hospital and is out of work for six months. As long as Charlie can prove that Cheryl was reckless and substantiate his injuries, he will be entitled to a significant award, taking into account his injuries, lost wages, property damages, and whatever else an attorney from qualified Anchorage Law Firms can prove.

There is also the slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall victim. Melinda is walking down the street and slips on snow and ice in front of Ed’s home. Snow had stopped 10 hours earlier and Ed never shoveled, sanded or salted. As a result, Melinda suffers severe back pain requiring months of rehabilitation and modified work duties, resulting in a reduction in her salary. In her lawsuit, Melinda can seek reimbursement for medical bills, damages for pain and suffering, and recovery for the difference between her prior salary and her earnings after the incident.

Defamation is also a “personal injury” claim. In such a case, a person’s reputation is harmed due to a false publicized accusation, leading to a reduction in earning capacity. Recovery is such a case is proven by showing the difference in earnings prior to the libel (written defamation) or slander (oral defamation) compared to the lesser amount after.

Medical malpractice, where a medical provider fails to exercise the level of care a medical professional would reasonably use in a similar situation, is also a “personal injury” claim brought by Anchorage Law Firms. Here, “economic damages” (such as medical bills) are reimbursed and “non-economic damages” (such as pain and suffering) are compensable.

Also falling under the personal injury category are wrongful death and many other cases. Either way, it is important to retain an attorney with experience in the specific area under which your case falls and let them advocate on your behalf.

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