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Selecting the Best Lawyers for your Car Accident in Anchorage

Car Accident Anchorage

When you suffer injuries during a Car Accident in Anchorage, you may be entitled to compensation. Indeed, although there are fewer drivers in Alaska compared to most of the other United States, there are hundreds of accidents that take place each day. If your injuries are due to the negligence of another driver, lawyers in Anchorage can be highly effective at taking you through the entire process, from intake to trial, in order to get you money for your medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

But in order to get these awards for your Car Accident in Anchorage, it is vital to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you through the many laws, rules and regulations related to your claim.

For example, Alaska Statutes Title 28 (Motor Vehicles) and Title 9 (Code of Civil Procedure) affords you only two (2) years from the date you are injured—or at least the date you discover your injury—to file your lawsuit. If you miss this deadline, you are more likely than not forever barred from bringing your claim.

Therefore, if you are involved in any incident where you think you may have been injured, be sure to (i) seek immediate medical evaluation and treatment and (ii) contact an attorney.

An experienced attorney will also help you strategize in connection with Alaska’s “comparative fault” rules, which essentially reduce your award in an amount equal to how responsible for the incident you were. If you prove $100,000.00 worth of injuries to yourself, but a judge or jury decides that you were thirty (30%) percent responsible, you will only receive a payment $70,000.00. Good lawyers in Anchorage will litigate not only to prove your injuries, but also to prove that the incident was entirely the other person’s fault.

As you can see, there is a lot to know before you even start your lawsuit and, as such, even at the outset, it is crucial to reach out to an attorney for your Car Accident in Anchorage. Pre-lawsuit responsibilities such as insurance paperwork and medical treatment and obtaining records and gathering evidence should be carefully monitored by an attorney. Once your suit is filed, the discovery process and depositions and trial and beyond entail rules that professional attorneys will know. If you fail to comply with any one of these rules, your chances at ever collecting monies may be jeopardized in their entirety. In sum, if you have any thought whatsoever that your accident was someone else’s fault and you might be hurt, speak with attorneys in Anchorage so you have the best opportunity to achieve the compensation you deserve.