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Can I go on vacation while on Worker’s Comp Benefits?

If you sustained an injury while on the job it is likely that you are collecting worker’s compensation benefits. A common question asked by those collecting worker’s compensation benefits is whether or not they can go on vacation.  This article discusses what you need to know with regard to going on vacation while receiving worker’s compensation benefits.

The short answer to the question can I take vacation while collecting worker’s compensation benefits is yes. As a matter of fact, you can and should continue to enjoy your life while you recover from your injury. However, it is extremely necessary for you to avoid any activities that could aggravate your injury or have a direct impact on your recovery process. One attorney notes that if you participate in activities that your doctor recommended that you avoid you run the risk of losing your benefits either temporarily or permanently.

One important thing to consider when you go on vacation is that you keep all your scheduled appointments with doctors, physical therapists, counsellors or any other professional that is responsible for treating you injuries. This is extremely important, so you need to make sure that your vacation does not cause you to miss any of these important appointments. One may reason that they can reschedule an appointment in order to make way for their vacation. Generally, this is frowned upon by insurance companies and can result in your loss of benefits; and once your benefits are stopped, it is very difficult to restore them.

Generally, most people vacation as a group or with family and friends. During such periods it is very tempting to participate in what everybody else is doing even if this goes against the advice of your doctor. Some example includes jet skiing, water-skiing, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. The fact of the matter is do not do it, it is not worth the risk!

Another important aspect for you to understand is that insurance companies often hire investigators to monitor claimants so as to ensure that they are not engaging activities that go against doctor’s restrictions. However, even if there is no investigator, one picture of you water-skiing or bungee jumping on social media outlets could result in you losing your benefits, as this provides proof to the insurance company that you are not really hurt and may have made a fraudulent claim.

Ultimately, you can take a vacation while collecting worker’s compensation benefits. However, you need to be smart about what activities you choose to participate in while on vacation. In addition, it is of extreme importance to avoid missing any important appointments and this includes rescheduling such an appointment just to make way for your vacation time. Generally, any injured employee collecting worker’s compensation benefits must use good judgement and keep in mind that traveling can be exhausting especially if it entails standing in long lines or doing a great deal of walking. Therefore, it is important to choose your vacation destination wisely and the best time of the year to go on vacation.

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