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Alaska, separate from the United States mainland, is a vast State with beauty and resources that make it different from other parts of the union. Unfortunately, there remain many similarities between Alaska and the other States when it comes to legal issues and, specifically, those arising out of car accident, slip-and-falls and claims for other injuries that arise out of the negligence of another actor. If you suffer injuries due to the carelessness of another person or entity, Anchorage Alaska Attorneys are available to analyze your case and put together a plan to maximize financial recovery for your damages.

Indeed, Anchorage Alaska Attorneys know that there are many avenues by which one can seek recovery. And this may be important as there are often limitations on what you can actually recover. For example, if a jury awards you $1,000,000.00 for your injuries in a car accident caused by one other driver, but the other driver has a maximum insurance policy of $25,000.00 and limited other resources, it is unlikely you will ever recover more than the $25,000.00 insurance policy limit.

This is where attorneys should get comprehensive.

There is recovery available for your actual injuries—these “economic damages” are comprised of hospital bills, medical bills and the like, and are easily provable through the use of documentary evidence.

There are also “non-economic damages,” which include items such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of services, and more. To recover these, an attorney must convince a jury that the injuries were extremely serious so that the impact on the victim and his family was significant and highly compensable.

In addition, there is recovery available for property damage. And this does not only include your vehicle involved in the crash. Any property of a victim that was damaged may be compensated, too. For example, if you just picked up a $5,000.00 Ming vase and, during the collision, it was shattered, you are likely to be able to recover that $5,000.00 from the defendant, too.

If you were in the course of your employment, you may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. Indeed, damages cannot typically be recovered from an employer through a regular lawsuit. Instead, a claim for workers’ compensation benefits must be made and recovery sought through a different system. Although proof of liability and damages is required, just as in a standard lawsuit, the practice and procedure is different making it important to retain Anchorage Alaska Attorneys with relevant experience.

It is important to understand the different ways a person injured in an accident can recover for her damages. Without the experience and knowledge of an attorney well-versed in such situations, you are likely not to see a full recovery. For this reasons, it is vital to seek out competent advocacy for your claims.

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