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FAQs on Work-related Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal injury claims include slip and fall accidents that occur on someone else’s property. There are a number of questions that may arise with regards to a slip and fall accidents especially those associated with the workplace. This article will discuss frequently asked questions with regards to work-related personal injury slip and fall accidents.

Below are some of the common frequently asked questions with regards to slip and fall accidents that occur in the work environment:

Am I able to sue my employer for my fall? It must be noted that from a general point of view you cannot sue your employer because of an injury that occurred while on the job. Rather, injuries that are suffered at the workplace are almost always covered by your state’s worker’s compensation laws. As a result your slip and fall accident will be filed as a worker’s compensation claim and this is most likely your exclusive remedy so as to get compensation for your injuries. However, it is only in the case where your employer does not have worker’s compensation insurance that he or she may be directly sued as the defendant of your personal injury claim.

Is it necessary to fill an accident report at the time of the fall? If your fall occurs at the store or on property where it is common practice for the business to generate a report then it is necessary to ensure that an accident report is completed at the time of the incident. As an employee filing an accident report at the time of the accident provides written proof of the occurrence of the accident as well as the accident being work-related. The accident report will detail how the accident happened, who witnessed it and any other relevant information. If possible request a copy of the report for your personal information. Ensure that the accident report has as much detail of the accident occurrence as possible. A key aspect is to always get prompt medical assistance after the accident, without delay.

What compensation may I be eligible for because of a work-related slip and fall accident? The categories of compensation available after a slip and fall accident are similar to those with any other kind of personal injury claim. They include monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, anxiety and sleeplessness related to the accident and injuries, temporary and permanent disability, loss of earning capacity as well as future medical expenses.

What defines a slip and fall accident? Generally, a slip and fall accident can happen on any kind of property - private, commercial or government owned. Such an accident can lead to the filing of an injury claim. There are four general types of fall accidents which could lead to the filing of a personal injury claim or lawsuit; these are:

  • trip and fall accidents
  • stump and fall accidents
  • step and fall accidents and
  • slip and fall accidents

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