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I had just bought my first car ever, and I think I only had it for 10 days. I was at a stoplight on my way to work and someone rear-ended me. Then four days later I was hit again! That time I was T-boned, so it was a more serious accident and I actually went to the emergency room.

I hurt so bad to the point where I couldn’t write, I could barely sit up, I just hurt so bad. I called [James] immediately, and I put his number in my phone. I just really needed some direction. I know from the past that when you’re dealing with insurance companies it can be frustrating. I knew that I just needed someone to advocate for me, because I did not have the energy. My mind was not in a place where I was ready to confront the insurance company.

I immediately felt relief, and I definitely felt like he would advocate for me. It was a very seamless process; I never felt like I was being questioned or like anything I said didn’t make sense. I felt very comfortable working with him and I really enjoyed that experience. It’s all been taken care of now. I’m very happy with my settlement, and I’ve actually referred some people to the law firm since then.