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I was leaving the VA and I got hit from behind. I got knocked out. All the airbags deployed and the one from the steering wheel knocked me out. It was a seventeen-car pile-up. They couldn’t open the door so they pried the door open and cut out the airbags. I went to get up, and that’s when I realized I got an injury.

We found out is that I had a broken clavicle, a dislocated shoulder, and they were thinking I might have to have surgery in my rotator cuff. I’ve never felt the amount of pain that I felt in this accident. And then it affected me mentally: I was scared to drive for about a month and a half. The pain often brought me to tears. It was really horrific.

That’s when we decided it was so confusing that I needed to get a lawyer. We began researching, looking for lawyers, and that’s when we came across this law firm. When we came down [to Crowson Law Group] and we had the initial talk, I felt really comfortable with him. He was telling me what the process would be, what it would take, and I got the feeling I could trust him. You know, that was the big issue—being able to trust. And that’s how I feel about this law firm.