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My son and I were going down 36th heading west, coming up to a light that just turned green. Another vehicle ran the light and hit us head on. It happened so quick... it just seemed like it was surreal.

The pain didn’t really hit until twelve hours later, and then it continued to get worse. My back and my neck were hurting, and I noticed that I was also staying up 48 hours at a time [because of the pain]. So this had gone on for two weeks when I finally went and saw a doctor... It was like, “This is not getting better; I have to do something.”

I made the phone call [to Crowson Law Group], and it was such a relief. Talking to James and then to Danny—it gave me hope, because I thought my life was over. I thought, “I’m never going to be the same again.” It was like my life had changed completely and whatever I had before I’d lost... I didn’t know how to navigate this. I didn’t know what I should be doing. But James Crowson has been awesome in guiding me… There's been times where I felt like I needed someone to hold my hand. There's been times where I had doubts and I wanted to give up. If it happens again, I know who to call.