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Keri Conrad

Keri Conrad joined Crowson Law Group in 2016 to provide administrative support, serving as the receptionist for the downtown office and assisting alongside the paralegals and attorneys of the firm. 

Moving to Alaska in 2014 from Utah, she decided to make a career change to follow a new path in to a legal profession. This wasn't too much of a shock as she, between racing and working with bicycle companies, volunteered as an administrative secretary to an AmeriCorps office in Utah, where she guided dropout students in hopes to obtain their GEDs, work towards scholarship awards, assist with grant proposals and performed general administrative duties. All and all you could say she is pretty technically sound.  

Volunteer work has always been important to her and she has worked with various non-profit organizations including food banks, tree planting (stewardship and education), cycling organizations for youth, and counseling for at-risk youth. 

Keri's home base was always Salt Lake City, Utah but she's been all over the world and is now sinking her roots into Alaska for good. 

Alaska treats her just right because being outside and active is a very important quality of Keri's world. From cycling, hiking, skiing, gardening to hunting, snow machining, four-wheeling, and camping with her three dogs. 

When she isn't playing outside, she's canning, cooking, and baking inside. This means Crowson Law Group and their clients are fed and fed well.


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