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Timeline for Seeking and Recovering Compensation after a Car Crash

Victims of car accidents should be compensated for their loss and this should happen within a reasonable period. If you or a loved one has recently suffered injuries because of another person’s negligence, you should contact Anchorage Alaska attorneys.

According to law, specifically the statutes of limitations, the injured person should file an injury claim within a certain period. Also, there are timelines for seeking and recovering compensation after a car accident. All this is not easy to grasp as a layman and that’s why most people involve Anchorage Alaska attorneys when faced with such situations.

Immediately After the accident 

Medical Treatment

This should be the first action following a car or any accident. Unfortunately, most people ignore this step when injuries seem minor–and it could be costly in the long run. For instance, head and brain injuries are subjective and symptoms may not manifest immediately. By the time symptoms are showing, other medical complications may develop.

Also, the law requires accident casualties to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. The defendant could cite your failure to seek medical treatment and avoid liability.  Consequently, any person involved in an accident (driver or passenger) should seek medical treatment after a car accident if they expect to be compensated for their loss.

Reporting the Accident

The accident should be reported to your insurance company immediately. Note that an accident report is different from an accident claim. Also, most insurance companies require accidents to be reported within a certain timeframe — typically within a few days after the incident. You will likely lose compensation for failing to report the accident within a reasonable time. Reporting to the insurance company doesn’t mean filing a claim. Having said that, the plaintiff can take time to figure out the best way to proceed.

1-6 months after the Car Crash

This should be the time to consult an injury attorney to review the facts of your case and recommend the ideal and available legal option for your case. If the accident involved serious injuries or you’ll be needing long-term or ongoing medical care, you should find an injury attorney who can help you determine the value of your claim, including current and anticipated medical expenses.

Within a month or 2

Your lawyer should review the facts of your claim, which can take several months for the lawyer to gather all evidence and financial information related to your case. However, this will depend on the complexity of your case.

If you suffered long-term injuries after the accident, the lawyer should involve other experts, such as doctors, financial experts, and actuaries when calculating a fair value for your claim.

3-6 Months after the Accident

You or your lawyer should send a demand letter to the defendant or their insurance company. The demand letter makes way for the negotiation process. This means that the negotiation stage is critical and hence, your lawyer should provide all the necessary evidence supporting your claims, such as medical bills, property damage bills, and more.

Most typical car accident cases last a day to a week when they go to trial. However, complex cases can drag on for a long time. Timing is key and that’s why you should involve a legal professional when pursuing a car accident claim.

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