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Why Worker’s Compensation May Be Denied

Why Worker’s Compensati…

Worker’s compensation claims are processed through an insurance company. The provision of worker’s compensation claims is for an employee to be compensated for their injuries or illnesses suffered while on the job. While this provision is available, it is possible that a claim may be denied. This article will discuss why your worker’s compensation claim may have been denied.

All legal experts agree that when your worker’s compensation claim has been denied it is imperative to know how to proceed, what to do and who to contact. It is essential to contact a lawyer for assistance in order for all options to be understood by the employee that was injured while working for the company. An Anchorage attorney must analyze the claim and determine if any discrepancies or mistakes were made when it was filed originally.

It does not matter what injuries occur, illnesses arise or occupational disease comes up, worker’s compensation packages should cover the issue and provide monetary and insurance payouts in order for the employee to recover. In most cases the employee is compensated about two-thirds of their income. In most states the worker’s compensation provision is made and most companies are required to purchase worker’s compensation policies or similar packages so that the owner is not open to litigation under normal circumstances.

The provision of worker’s compensation is beneficial to both the employer and the employee. However, there are many reasons that such claims are denied. Some reasons include if the worker was not actually working at the time of the injury or if they were at lunch away from the building when they were hurt.

Common mistakes that can be made on a claim can thus result in the denial of such claims. One of the most common reasons for denial is that the claim was not filed and reported within the time restrictions associated with such compensation claims. As such, an employee needs to report an accident injury incident immediately. Because timeframes exist as to the reporting of such claims it is imperative that the supervisor is aware of the incident, the injured person seeks approved medical care once their boss has been informed and that the proper paperwork has been filed shortly after such steps.

Another important reason that may result in issues with the employee is if the claim has been disputed. A dispute may arise surrounding the circumstances relating to the accident such as if the employee is said to not have been injured at work. Where illness is involved, the employer may refute that it was a result of an accident or work duties.

Insurance companies themselves may discover a reason to deny the claim, for example, to decrease expenses and potential liability. Once a letter of denial is received it is important to understand why it was denied. Speak with the employer or worker’s compensation insurance agency to discuss the denial, just in case the issue is of mistaken paperwork or similar. This could result in resolving the matter easily and appeal is necessary.

If your worker’s compensation claim is denied speak to a lawyer to understand your rights to compensation.

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