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Defective Products

Products Liability Claims…

Products Liability Claims: Economic and Non-Economic Losses

Any injury or damages sustained as a result of a product that you used may render you eligible for a defective products claim. It must be noted that one of the most important aspects of evaluating a product liability claim is determining what types a… Read More
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Recovering Compensation f…

Recovering Compensation for Lost Wages

If you have been involved in a car accident which resulted in injuries that caused you to miss work, you may be wondering if you can recover for such kinds of losses in a car accident lawsuit. This article will discuss general factors relating to th… Read More
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Personal Injury Associate…

Personal Injury Associated With Airbag Injuries

The American inventor of the automobile air bag said that it was due to his experience in a car accident and his wife’s and his own reaction to protect their daughter that pushed him to invent the air bag. Therefore, the purpose or goal of hi… Read More
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Defective Product: Safety…

Defective Product: Safety Recalls

At times, a hazardous defect is discovered in a line of vehicles – that is to say a manufacturing flaw or error that affects a make and model that was manufactured in a particular year. Such safety defects in cars are often discover… Read More
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