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How Does Social Security Evaluate Mental Illness From A Car Accident?

There are so many mental conditions that arise after a traumatizing event such as a car accident. Statics shows that most victims who suffer from traumatic brain injuries after a car accident have these injuries escalate to mental health issues. Suppose you are struggling with a mental issue after a car accident. In that case, you can handle your mental disability issue with the help of an Anchorage lawyer. The lawyer can help you establish proper guidelines needed for Social Security disability benefits. These benefits ensure you move on with life even after failing to maintain gainful employment.

Common Types Of Mental Illness That Qualify For Disability Benefits

Usually, there are nine categories of mental disorders that are included in the SSA listing. Examples of the mental illnesses that emanate from car accidents may include:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression from mood disorder
  • Schizophrenia which may be triggered by injuries such as head trauma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

To file a successful claim, your mental illness must have met the listing of impairments of mental disorders by the SSA. Again, the victim must clearly show that the condition is preventing them from working.

What If I Have A Mental Disorder That Doesn’t Meet The Listing?

When a specific mental disorder doesn’t meet the listing, the SSA must determine its mental residual functional capacity (MRFC). If it’s determined that you don’t have MRFC, your claim is approved. Nevertheless, where there are disagreements on your mental capacity and its proven you can work on simple jobs, your benefits will not be approved. To determine the latter, the SSA will be concerned with:

  • Hospitalization records:A medical opinion has to be given by your doctor concerning your ability to work. It’s a good idea to have a medical doctor who has specialized in mental disorders to provide opinion and write up an MRFC report. Such cases are hard to win as the SSA may disapprove your claim without a detailed report.
  • Credibility:This is of great importance when it comes to approving of disability claims. When you are questioned about your disability, you must give the same information all the time. Having inconsistencies may result in your claim being denied. Further, the SSA will be keen to check whether the mental disorder limits you to:
  • Get any work completed and within the stipulated time.
  • Get along with others.
  • Control your situation or behavior
  • Performance on the necessary daily activities such as bathing, cooking etc.

If it’s determined that you have any limitation, this signifies that your mental condition is severe. Thus, the SSA will be more likely to approve your claim for benefits.

Working With A Disability Attorney

One of the benefits of having a disability lawyer argue your mental disability case is that he/she can get the right evidence needed for the success of your disability claim. The lawyer can argue out how the mental issue resulting from your car accident has affected your daily life. Nevertheless, you also have a part to play. You will need to provide all the details of how events have rolled up since you got involved in an accident. If it’s proven you suffered from a mental condition, you will get disability benefits.

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